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Massachusetts 122074
August 17-18, 2012
(Updated: September 01, 2012)
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I guess I should have read the reviews more closely because the folks who really enjoy Fourth Cliff appear to be RV campers and cabin patrons. Our family came with a tent and we were quite disappointed with what we found. Almost all of the tent spots are literally on the lawn across the street from the cabins. We had no privacy whatsoever and there is no room for the kids to play (except in other campers' spots or the middle of the street). We were also disappointed that campfires are prohibited in the camp sites. The lack of amenities was really the biggest drawback of Fourth Cliff. The playground is basically condemned -- it's closed for repairs with no anticipated return to service. They have no canoes or kayaks for rent (which would be GREAT at this location) and the staff we encountered seem pretty uninterested. We never found the bath house because we cut our stay short but the only heads close to the tent sites were two porta-potties that really needed to be emptied. If you are strictly looking to get to the coast without paying a lot, you've found your spot. If you are looking for a good place to camp with a family you might want to head elsewhere. With a little TLC this place could be fantastic but it's just not quite there.
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