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Massachusetts 122074
Jul 29 - Aug 3, 2012
(Updated: August 05, 2012)
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A true gem. 4th Cliff is by far the greatest location I've been to for a campground. Don't go there expecting a commissary or exchange, they are not there. This is a fantastic place to go and get away. The beach is fantastic, and with the tides and currents, the beach is ever changing. The only downside of this facility is, the civilians in the area seem to think it's for them too. If you do go and encounter civilians, feel free to escort them out. The gate is normally open, but should be closed by each and every guest. I hate to tell everyone how much I have enjoyed being there, as I fear too many people will want to go there, making it difficult for me to get my RV site, but it's a chance worth taking. The cottages outside the gate are getting up to 1200.00 a week in rent. Consider this when you bring your RV and pay 25.00 a night, or 100 for a cottage or chalet. There is WI-FI at the office/rec center, but I was able to access it from my RV site occasionally. I already have reservations for later this month.
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