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Massachusetts 56995
13 July - 3 Aug 2012
(Updated: July 28, 2012)
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The park is small but pretty well maintained. There are a couple of guys who work at the outdoor recreation facility and they are very helpful. None of the spots has sewer so one must drag their campers to the dump site or they will, for a nominal fee ($12), pump your tanks. They do this twice a week, Tuesday and Thursdays, although they will do it if asked and they have two people on hand. There is no WiFi but a trip to Starbucks and friend wife is happy and I get on line. The BX is small and the gas station has some other stuff but not a full service store by any stretch of the imagination. There are large grocery stores very near and some real good restaurants. Masse's is just down the road and has the freshest sea food in the area as they are a distributor and supplier to the other restaurants in the area. The entrance to the base off Westover Road goes right by the RV park. Entering through the gate is no big problem as there are only rubber cones blocking the way if the commercial entrance is closed. Go through the gate and take the first left after the gas station/shoppette and follow the road around, back by the gate you just came through, to the RV park. We were in the area visiting family and very convenient. We would stay again.
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