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Massachusetts 55817
22- 24 August 2009
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Very nice, small FamCamp - as noted, no sewers but OK for a short stay. Previous reviewer Arnie had it right on entry, in fact it appeared to me that all access to base is through the one gate, all other access points seem to be permanently closed. Entry is from I-90, to MA33 (Memorial Dr), North to Right on Westover Road, that's it. WiFi has very particular "Govt" parameters that must be entered exactly as stated to gain access, an type of error will result in no access. However, after getting all just right I did get online from Site 5 which is across road from the even numbered sites. Sites have some low spots so rain, which there's been lots of in New England over this summer, make it a bit messy due to short concrete pads. Only big problem I noted and which I mentioned to office on departure (they already knew!) was "permanent" resident in Site 12 with dog barks all day while he/they are evidently gone to work! Big German Shepard so it is very loud, just open your door and he hears you and starts up, someone walks by or drives by, same thing. Office response was kind of "oh yeah it's a pretty big dog"; so guess there is no intention to act on any such complaints - too bad.
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