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May 21 - 26, 2008
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Since Fourth Cliff is such a small CG, we called a few days in advance to see what the Memorial Day weekend booking situation was, and were told that all the hookup sites for that long weekend had been booked for months, but that we could get into overflow. However, when we arrived the Wednesday before the holiday weekend, there were five hookup sites still available until Friday. We took #4 which has water views to the north and west. We noticed that the bath house was completely boarded up, asked why, and were informed that they board it up over the winter, and that it doesn't open until Friday of the Memorial Day weekend. If tenters show up before then, there are a couple of porta-johns set up adjacent to the tent areas, but no showers. They did open the bath house a day early, and we found it clean and functional, if a bit run-down. The laundry house has four new washer/dryer combos and a couple of older models that I assume still work. Friday morning, we unhooked and moved to the grassy overflow area situated on the highest part of the CG for the remainder of the weekend. This area also had a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and a long stretch of the beach directly under the cliffs. You can hear the surf lapping on the shore below and, when the wind is right, you can hear the bell buoy chiming from about a mile off the entrance to the South River inlet. The overflow area isn't level, so expect to do some leveling. The hookup sites include CATV, but even without that, there are 28 local TV channels available if you hook up your antenna. For internet, we use the SPRINT PCS air card and had maximum EVDO signals and great high speed connections. You can see two cellular towers rising above the landscape across the bay to the west. If you like re-enactments like Williamsburg, VA, you can go to Plimouth Plantation, and the CG office has some special passes that are DEEPLY discounted. Not our thing, but what a deal. [And yes, the Plantation is spelled Plimouth, while the town is spelled Plymouth.] Check with the office. This is a family-oriented recreation area with many more cottages than RV campsites. The cottages appear to be very nice and spacious, and most of them have at least some water views. For folks with young children, there is an elaborate playground across from the overflow camping area. This holiday weekend, there were lots of kids using it from sunup to sundown. There's interesting wildlife here too, if you keep your eyes open. Early Friday morning, low tide, we saw a couple of deer frolicking on the west sandbar of the inlet. Then, suddenly, they plunged into the water and swam all the way across to our shoreline and came out right in front of us. The beach and the South River inlet are great walking places. As with Key West, the facilities may be a little run-down, but the location and ambience more than makes up for most shortcomings. Friendly, helpful staff. Nice place.
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