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May 2022
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This military campground is difficult to rate. First, I was in Site 11 for 11 days, where we had a view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the river. So the view from our campsite was spectacular. However, setting up on the site itself was one of most challenging sites I've ever experienced in five years of RVing. The site is perched where the cliffs are deteriorating, so in order to keep campers and RV's safe, a new fence was installed. The location of the new fence eliminated approximately 20' of the previous old pad which was at a certain elevation. Instead of rebuilding the entire pad, they left sloped conditions, so half the site is about 12" higher than the other half! So we were either going to use alot of blocking or we were going to remain set up on the lower level. In addition to a leveling challenge, all the hookups are on the opposite side, so that especially makes the sewer hookup a challenge. The condition I describe is the same at Sites 9, 10 or 11. As I walked to other sites, they all looked to be challenging to get level, regardless of where they were. I was in a small Class A (31') but if you were in something larger, this campground may not work for you at all. So now that I've described the challenges, let me describe what is great about Fourth Cliffs. Location, Location, Location!!! The water views here are amazing. The ease to catch a commuter train from Greenbush Station to the City of Boston is very close and easy. And it's so nice to spend a day in the City visiting historical sites and to return by train to your RV and the quiet and peaceful space here at Fourth Cliffs. In addition to Boston, we visited the Adams National Historical Park in Quincy and the Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord and Lexington. Great history you shouldn't miss. Also, you must have lunch or dinner at the local Bridgeway Restaurant. It's delicious.
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