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4.2 85
Maryland 97496
October, 2017
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Very nice park with lots of elbow room. We were in #24 which is on a corner. The nearest RV to us was at least 50 to 75 feet away. The park is clean and they make everyone adhere to the rules (no parking on grass, no junk around, etc) which makes for a pleasing appearance. There was no wifi out where we were, electric was stable, water pressure was fine, and Verizon signal was 4G with 1 and 2 bars (not real strong). There are paved roads and concrete pads with gravel patios. Each patio has a fire pit and picnic table. The commissary and exchange were very nice. Here's our 2 complaints: First are the gates. The gates at the entrance and exit of the park are a pain. If you're on a military base where you are carded before entry, why do you need the gates? Second is Wifi/Hotspot. I called Verizon because my hotspot was worse than dial-up slow and normally it has very good speed. I was told that because of the area (between DC and Baltimore) the tower congestion is such that at certain times of the day it slows down to a crawl. That being the case, the park should have wifi repeaters. All in all we really enjoyed our stay at Camp Meade.
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