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July 15 - 22, 2017
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Hdcheckinfl’s review and pictures are an excellent description of the Aberdeen Shore Park RV Park. We might add that the lack of street lighting in the park curtails walking around the park during cooler hours after the sun goes down. The only lighting in the park is around the restrooms and laundry building which is pretty much located in the center of the park. The MWR staff at Outdoor Rec were very courteous and answered our questions. The park appears to be underutilized – we have seen no tenants in the cabins and only 7 to 10 RV’s occupying the sites daily. There are probably several reasons why the low occupancy rate. First may be the perceived impression that the Aberdeen location lacks things to do and places to visit. If that is the case then it is completely wrong. The APG/MWR offer quite a few activities on-base and special events off-base. Over the years, the near-by town of Havre de Grace has always attracted our attention - it is an interesting place to visit and a visit is never complete without a visit to a home-made ice cream parlor at 322 Market St. The second reason for the low occupancy could be the cost - $35 per day for a MCG may discourage vacationers and other travelers that are trying to get the biggest bang for the bucks within their vacation budgets. And finally, we have enjoyed our first stay at Shore Park and will return. 
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