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Sep 7 - Oct 20, 2016 and Aug 17 - Apr 15, 2017
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You must make reservations via navybeds telephone reservations, they frown and act like they're doing you special favors if you just show up trying to check in. I stayed here in tent camping a few nights passing thru in 2017 tent camping as it is too cheap $3.50 a nite, place is no better than when I stayed long term (6 weeks) earlier in fall 2016. Management really is dysfunctional here, very corrupt place (base mafia games run rammpet here) which explains the dysfunctional atmosphere. Good example is the campground host isn't present at night, he's actually working down the hill as a charge of quarters in the bachelor enlisted quarters and not around if you have problems/issues-there are people in his RV but they aren't the hosts??? Funnier is he actually physically lives in his conversion van, you'll see a yellow extension cord plugged into his van to power up his fridge when it's around during the day. The people in his van are his moody GF some other young guy named Steve who will drive around the camp host gator service vehicle acting like the campground host-he's friendly and tries to help it not a campground host...not making this up either...campground host is enabled to do this as he's the mwr directors pet-more examples of the corruption/incompatance at this base. During my visit in fall of 2016, older Lady who regularly works the desk weekdays of mwr/campground checkin didn't understand who is eligible to stay there when I called from California initially to make a reservation, she screamed at me in her moody frustrated state which I asked to speak to someone else, or her boss if no one else was available, this enraged her more so I just showed up and checked in when I got there. Needless to say, she decided to carry a grudge and be even more difficult for the duration and forever with me. So moving on, this same lady either knows nothing about the area, facility or chooses to be difficult and not helpful/spiteful (I think the latter) as she was clueless about lap swimming options (this can be done 1130-1330hrs weekdays at academy LeJuenne Hall free of charge) she also overcharged me on a bicycle rental, charging me the daily not weekly rate. She also knew nothing of where to bicycle ride even though she's an Annapolis native (Annapolis-Baltimore trail is awesome ride!) nor did she advise about using brigade sports complex gym for workouts instead of the less than desirable NSAA gym by blue jacket community center where you check in for camping (brigade sports complex is best place to use showers as campground bathhouse is worse shape than showers/bathhouses in Iraq) Blue jacket community center isn't a good place to use computers, watch TV as again, lady at counter isn't friendly and quite rude projecting anger issues like you're stealing by using the blue jacket community center. Exchange food court is much better as well as brigade sports complex. Best is to check in after 5pm so as to avoid the day crowd entirely here, commanders office is across street and you'll avoid them too. When I departed, week and half later on a Friday a charge showed up on my debit card for camping $24 for camping I didn't do, I had bank stop payment when I noticed charge on Sunday, Monday the campground sent an email invoice about the $24 charge so I made a complaint about what a sneaky and unprofessional waste of gov. Time and resources, the mwr director called me which I let go to voicemail and she played the facetious female act like it was an honest mistake, again more insulting lies. if you're navy/marine corp go to the midshipman store at academy, any and everything navy you could ever dream of as far as navy/marine corp logo stuff. Base has a new exchange/commissary which are very nice, lots of nicer gentlemans wear only second to Oceanis in Virginia Beach IMO. There is a commuter bus (Dillion's bus service #220) to natl mall area wash d.c. Weekdays for $5 per person each way 4:30am every half hour till 7:30am to and loads in D.C. 3:30pm till 6:30pm every half hour returning to Annapolis. loads by navy bagels by academy. This is a nice option for natl mall sightseeing visits as well as this camping option is nice for attending Annapolis boat shows in spring and fall or attending navy midshipman sports games/activities. Seemingly there is a pervasive attitude problem base wide, base mafia crowd finds humor in being difficult and giving bad information as well as sabotaging people? Atypical childishness you find in uneducated/impoverished people who entertain bad attitudes & don't know better than to leave economically/socially challenged places to live a better life. Seemingly I believe they're trying to end tent camping as navybed people aren't able to book tent camping, they say all they can book is RV spots?
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