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8 DEC 16 - 4 JAN 17
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This was only the latest of numerous stays for us at the APG Marylander RV Park and we like it a lot. We prefer the Marylander to the newer Shore Park as the newer park is $10/night more at this time and we don't need the bath house or laundry facilities (although you can buy a laundry card and get a key card for the Shore Park at MWR if you need it). APG is "Home Base Northeast" for us when we want to be near our grand-kids in the Baltimore area. Being on the west side of post near US 40/Pulaski highway and the railroad tracks, the Marylander is a bit noisier than the Shore Park, but it's not bad at all and one gets used to it very quickly. In fact, the acorns hitting the top of the RV in the fall are much louder! The concrete pads are large and level (I was told by a former CSM they are not as level in the Shore Park) and the utilities are good (50 amp without voltage drops or fluctuation, good water and sewer). The MWR staff are super nice and helpful and the parks are well maintained. Post is a great place to ride bikes and we've even put our kayak in the bay and paddled around. The PX and exchange are medium size and great for the basics. There's a Walmart Supercenter just outside the gate and propane about 7 minutes from the Marylander park. 
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