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Maryland 106627
June 2015
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We enjoyed our stay at this base. Great location to visit the DC area. President Obama golfs on this base very often and if your here when he golfs the whole base is on lockdown including the RV park since hole 17 is next to the base. All campers are forced out of their RVs and brought to an area secret service can watch you, you can't make any sudden movements or even breath to hard. If you go to the commisary to get ice cream, you better eat the whole thing in your car cause your not going anywhere for 4-6 hours till Obama finishes his game. There overly strict. The lady at the office was very friendly and helpful to me but was very rude to my wife and kids, this park does not like kids. There's a game room with many games but my 10 year old son was not allowed to play fooseball, air hockey or pool...very bizarre. The roads on base are terrible, very uneven, many pot holes and even off the base there's construction all over DC.
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