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Maryland 72464
September 2014
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Great location for the USNA and local area. But, camp ground needs lots of work. Lots of work. Recent host lasted less than two weeks. Had falling out with MWR and departed. Instructions for payment leaves much to be desired! Board states go to gym. Woman at gym would not take payment. Informed to call Gateway Inns. Nope! Gateway Inns (the number provided by lady in gym) told us "we don't have anything to do with payment for famcamps/RV/campground." Go figure. Went back to woman in the gym. She then decides to tell us they are having problems with Gateway Inns to collect fees. Few of the numbers were missing from the spaces. Bath rooms were DIRTY. The entire FamCamp needs to be cleaned up. Was told by a home steader camper that camp ground will get a make over soon. i.e. dump station, hook ups, etc. Hope it does happen. Place needs it. Woman who was working in the gym was nice. Respectful and professional. She has her hand tied as far as the payment system goes. Hope she gets higher ups to correct it. Gym does not take any payments. Gateway Inns on other side did a 'we don't know" attitude on well as their customer service rep on the toll free line. Place is good location and should be turning a buck. But nope. Like other MWR ran operations, they don't know how to properly run a FamCamp. NOTE: Galley is closing down end of Sept 2014. So no more galley. That was nice. Long gone now. New NEX and commissary complex is nice. Across the street from old complex.
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