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Maryland 94338
May 5 through June 1, 2014
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We have stayed here multiple times over the past couple of years, and there is one thing of which you can be sure--nothing ever changes. Yes, it is an ideal location. Yes, they have nice, wide concrete sites. Yes, there is not another RV park in the area that comes close to the price of this park. With that being said, there has been no effort to improve the RV experience at this park in years. We paid $231 per week for our four week stay. We have stayed in many military RV parks across the eastern and southern United States, and nobody charges more for less than this park. The water quality is absolutely horrible. There is a lot of iron in the water, and dark orange surges are common. Plan on going through at least one water filter per week. There are many overhanging trees throughout the park that need trimming. It is virtually impossible to drive through the park without brushing against tree branches. There is still no WiFi and there is no plan to add it to the park's amenities. The office staff is friendly enough, but after you check in, you will not hear from them again unless they have a problem with something you are doing. Here is the crazy thing--we will definitely stay here again because it is still the best deal in the area--and they know it.
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