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April 29, 2014
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We are snowbirds traveling from Florida to Maine. First time this year we used the storage area at this campground because our daughter's place was to muddy and we sank in the grass.....we paid a small amount for 2 weeks until going back to Maine. Well please read all reviews before you go there.....we would go check our 5th wheel every other day, well on May 9th we had the surprise of our life..when we got there someone had STOLEN our $1400.00 Hitch right off our camper, cut the cable wires for the brakes and the 12 volt lights...upon going to the security guards there, they acted indifferent towards us..didn't even come see our camper, filled out a police report with the description of our 5th wheel as 3 ft long plus the info on our insurance policy....what's strange is that in 20 yrs of camping this is the ONLY campground that asked for our insurance of the camper (red flag!!!) Went back today and it was different cops, the other cops there who took our report, had 4 of them there, hadn't even told these cops that this had been stolen..... I asked where was security to not see someone take a 200 lb hitch with 12 bolts out of there and one replied "We are low on security", they should tell people that security is low WE would NOT have put that there that's for sure!!!Now all the expense of having someone go there to put a new hitch because we can't take it anywhere!!!!! I was fit to be tied!!!!! It will cost close to $2000.00 to have that done so we can get back to Maine.....guess what someone will pay!!! Please people read the reviews and don't go there. The second day we put it there a dumbass did the lawn and did not put the chute down, all 4 sides of our camper was covered with grass, took my husband and I one and 1/2 hrs to get that cleaned please from the reviews i can see this place is the DUMPS!!! Will never go there again period! We will go further with this, that's false advertising saying its 24 hr security, now they are saying not security for that part of the park.....I guess people live there year round and they make trouble for other tourists, read the reviews!!!
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