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June 10 - June 24, 2013
(Updated: June 27, 2013)
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The park web site says "CATV", but the cable has been inoperative for at least several months including the TV in the shower building. There was a problem with the contractor providing the service. A resident offered to help fix the problem, but management was non-responsive. The park has an unofficial WiFi, put together by some skilled park residents using existing lines from a previous landline install. The residents offered to set up a real WiFi, but management again unresponsive. The WiFi mostly works in the shower building and nearby sites. It is named "dd-wrt". Might have been previously mentioned, but..park discontinued the discounts based on Golden Age/Sr Pass etc. in April 2013. But they instituted a weekly rate. But they also raised the rates $5 per day. So a backin costs $28 per day on a weekly rate and a pull-through is $33. I suggest saving your money and taking a back-in whenever possible. There used to be recycle bins in the shower building, but now only in the office building and mostly invisible near the restrooms. Sounds like someone is ignoring the Army push for recycling - likely because thoughtless residents treated receptacles like trash cans. In the 1st 2-3 years (2003-2005 or 2006) there were Park Hosts as you entered the camping area and no barriers to entry. That meant campers could arrive after 5:00 office closing time and get a site..or could at least call. Then they fired the hosts, put up a barrier and now late arrivals or un-reserved people must sit in the paved parking lot overnight when there are sites empty inside. Bad customer service and loss of revenue for the post. I put these items and a couple others in an "ICE" evaluation to MWR. We shall see if I get an answer. I sent an "ICE" to the Law Enforcement division about speeders and tailgaters on the post and got an answer the next duty day. It has been 3 days and counting for MWR. I no response I will resent the "ICE" to the command section. I don't plan to be back at Ft Meade until 2016 anyway...
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