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May 6-19, 2013
(Updated: May 29, 2013)
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The location of this RV park is prime, but the facilities are severely lacking. If you need 50 amp service, your only options are the "C" and "G" camping areas. We were booked in the "G" area where you are packed into the camp like sardines. It is only 30 feet from center point to center point of the RVs. The sites are relatively level graveled sites, but the gravel hasn't been replenished in years and is mostly covered with weeds. The majority of campers are homesteaders, and it shows by how junky the place looks. The grass was not mowed during the entire two week period we were they and the area resembled a pasture. Many of the homesteaders have resorted to purchasing their own lawn mowers to keep their sites mowed. Especially given the tall grass, ticks were rampant throughout the RV park. The "F" camping area is beautiful with large spaces. Only 30 amp service is available in the "F" area, however. WiFi can be purchased at a daily or monthly rate, but it is mediocre at best (slow and intermittent). It is evident that this Navy Recreation Center was really nice at one time, and the potential is there for it to be really nice again. Major renovations and a change in management appears necessary for this to happen, however. It is a shame that this potential gem is so mismanaged.
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