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(Updated: April 02, 2013)
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We have stayed here off and on for the past four years. I was going to write exactly what the person before me did, so please read his for details. It is a beautiful campground and could have so many possibilities. The last manager was given a free playground. Instead of putting it in the campground to help to entertain the children she put it by the lake where there are already two. The pool on Rock that we were able to use has closed. They keep telling us they've upped the rates for improvements. In four years we have not seen any of the money go back into this campground to make it any better. The mold issue in the lounge is a concern. How can mold in a building be contained to one room? Seems it would be present in the whole building. No cable, no internet, unfriendly staff! Doesn't make for a a very friendly place to stay. If you do complain about anything to the office it puts a huge target on your back. We recently went to Florida and stayed at a Navy campground in Mayport. It was 19 dollars a night, free laundry in a very clean facility, free ice, view of the ocean and a very friendly staff. I am proud that the Navy takes care of their own and offers an awesome place for people that have earned it to stay. From what I've heard Fort Meade is the worst FamCamp people have dealt with. Once we leave we never plan on returning.
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