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Maryland 94338
Jul 2012
(Updated: August 10, 2012)
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Location-- Very difficult to find. Called the desk and left message for a return call to get directions to base. The clerk returned my call the next afternoon. After an hour and frustrated, we found our way to the base. Value-- I gave it a "1" because there is no "0". The cost ($38) was "outrageous"! All other FAMCAMPS in the surrounding areas were nearly half the cost. The staff--one gentleman (African American) was extremely helpful and polite. The female staff members lacked basic people skills. They had the "it's not my job" attitude when asked questions. We made reservations for 4 nights. When we finally found the place and checked in I paid for 3 nights (not thinking after my frustration). The clerk could have pulled up my reservation information and asked if I intended to stay 3 or 4 nights. After leaving for DC to tour the area 2 days later, the clerk calls and sternly tells me I was supposed to check out that morning. I explained we were in DC and that it would take several hours to return. We stated we had a 4 day reservation to which she repeated we had to leave immediately as someone was waiting for the spot. We asked if we could extend and she stated there were no other spots available and we had to leave. A very unpleasant experience with the staff. They don't look or act professional. When asked where points of interest are, they don't know or are not sure and don't make an effort to get the information. Someone should be available to handle calls after hours (we called around 10 min before closing hours) to answer calls from travelers unfamiliar with the area. I would not recommend this FAMCAMP.
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