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Maryland 94338
June 2010
(Updated: June 26, 2012)
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We had no problems while staying there for three weeks and did not have to move to another space. We were in a back in space across from main laundry room. Not all of the spaces are 70' long as stated below. The pull through are longer. Back in spaces are less than 70'. Rates: seems rates are going up at every FamCamp. Daily rate of $35 at Meade is way out of line. Management: we did not experience this guy. Had he been that way with us, I would have been at the base Commander's office. When you come across a rude manager take action. Fill out ICE form. Write, call, or visit the Base Commander. But, DO SOMETHING. Far too many military campers do not speak up when they should. Some fear being kicked out or causing the rates to go up. If we don’t stand together and speak up, nothing will be corrected. Only complaints we have about Meade is two: 1. Mold in the room next to the game room. Room has been off limits with sign on door stating a hazard and close until clean up can be done. Been this way for a few years! Fix it. 2. Homesteaders: Meade, like most mil camp grounds now, seems to have a few homesteaders. Yes the move from space to space...but one told us that he and his wife (both working on base) have been at the Ft Meade Fam Camp for years. Bottom line: this rude jerk of a manager should fine work elsewhere. He is not in the right business to act that way with customers.
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