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May 2012 - Present
(Updated: June 25, 2012)
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Most of the staff are friendly and courteous, however, since our arrival, the manager of the Camp Meade RV Park is extremely strict. The day I arrived, it we were moved three times. That evening, the office called me and said that I was given a refund for having to move so much (which I thought was great). Then the very next day, the office called me again stating that I needed to return the refund. I went to the office and requested to speak to the manager. He was very provocative and showed complete disrespect for me and my wife. Lately, I’ve gotten reports from various people who are staying there and they are telling me that he is extremely strict, has people moving in the middle of their stay (which included an elderly person who is disabled). None of the people whom I spoken with want to bring this up to the management because they feel the manager will “find” a reason to kick them out of the park. I do not recommend anyone stay at this park until the current manager is terminated. He is not military friendly nor does he have any customer service skills. I do not have the time to list the rest of the actions this individual has done. Again, I caution anyone coming here.
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