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July 2009
(Updated: December 31, 2010)
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It's a great value, because it was free! They never got around to charging the credit card, but then the one person who does reservations never really answers the phone anyway. When I finally got through, I made a reservation for the last available site, one of 6. I think it was available because it didn't actually have an electrical hookup. So we pulled up to the pavilion and parked there for the night. The other 5 sites are taken up by what appear to be long term or permanent RV set-ups, who have creatively strung hoses and wires to each site. I don't know how they are allowed to do this, since there is no dump station at the sight. We found plenty of evidence of sewage tank dumping on the grass, as there are little piles of toilet paper around. There is a nice boat launch with a little sandy beach. However, I was reluctant to let the kids play there since I was pretty sure that is actually the campground dump station. It is beautiful there, and probably one of the more isolated spots of that area. I saw a lot of great birds, especially bald eagles. It would be a great place to hunt and dry camp in the fall. It also appears to be used for boy scout groups to camp. However, those "necks" of that part of Maryland are incredibly tick infested. I looked at a blade a grass and got a tick on me. For the sake of the Chesapeake Bay, I hope the Army either installs a dump station or bans long term use.
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