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Maryland 94338
November 23-December 17, 2010
(Updated: December 20, 2010)
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Super campground!!! Previous reviews were spot on, friendly staff, well maintained all-season campground. Just a few negatives but have to say the negatives are no different than every other campground, military or not, all over the country. Speed limit is posted in two locations at 5mph and no one does under 20mph but it is the same all over post with everyone doing at least 10mph over the posted speed limit. Very surprising since when we arrived and there were children playing all over the campground. Received a packet of information and rules when we arrived such as pets on leash and to pick up after them. Three dogs were constantly off their leash and most of the "homesteaders" (although they are required to move around the campground) don't pick up after their dogs even though bags are provided. Two of the three dogs were let out without a leash or owner present. They both came after our dog and I had to step in to make sure they weren't going to do anything. Other than those two items great area to walk, watch deer, blue jays, geese, and ducks. Very quiet while we were there.
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