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4.2 85
Maryland 97118
Oct 27 to Nov 2, 2009
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I found this to be a nice campground. Seems to be well run. Everything was neat and very clean. I did lose connection for my Verizon internet once in a while, but was told at a Verizon store that a lot of times, it is a weak signal or there is a lot of interference in the area such as radio, TV transmissions. Verizon cell phone worked OK. Dish Network worked also. All washers and dryers working. The sign for the rusty water was still up. I washed whites and no problem. I was in site 33 and had no problem with the electricity. Not all sites have a concrete patio. All have nice level pads for RV though. My site was like a swamp the day I pulled in because of all the rain. The area that is concrete on some of the sites in mine was grass with a border (at ground level) of railroad ties. Overall, a very good campground. A little expensive for a military one, but very well run and worth it. I did get the 20% discount for Access Pass. Very easy to drive to Baltimore or DC if you don't mind the traffic. Would stay here again.
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