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Dec. 13, 2007
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J.B. left this review using the Directory software: Aberdeen Proving Ground is comprised of two principal areas separated by the Bush River. The northern area is known as the Aberdeen Area, and the southern area known as the Edgewood Area - formerly named Edgewood Arsenal. The two areas were administratively combined in 1971. The APG campground is actually located at the Edgewood Area about 30 minutes south of the main APG post and facilities (PX, commissary, medical care, recreation center, library, etc). There is no route crossing the Bush River; therefore, travel between the two areas in on streets and roads off the installations. We did not use the campground during our Christmas Season visit with our son who resides in on-post housing near the campground; however, I walked to the campground to check it out for a planned return visit with our travel trailer next summer. This is a primitive campground located along the Bush River near unoccupied family quarters. The campground was virtually abandoned except for two travel trailers parked on designated sites even though I was there in December when the campground was closed. The grounds were littered with autumn leaves and fallen branches from the abundant deciduous trees. It was difficult to assess the actual size of the sites because of the debris lying about. Some observations during my brief visit are: Signage in the campground, at waters edge, list two contact phone numbers (671-4732 and 278-4124). There appeared to be no instructions for self-registration, procedures for check-in and registration were not given, no rules or length of stay posted. The grounds and sites appeared minimally maintained. There are about 6 designated RV camping spaces that appeared to be dry camping, one of which was occupied during my visit. There appeared to be one additional space, perhaps with electricity nearer water. The space was occupied at time of visit but I didn’t see people or vehicles anywhere in the campground. There is a designated tent area nearer the shore and separate from RV spaces. Trees nicely shade the camping area. There is a covered picnic shelter (pavilion) in the campground. No identified playground for children. No identified area for dumping holding tanks. No identified area for obtaining fresh water. No modern toileting, shower, laundry in campground area. There was one freestanding portable chemical toilet (like one can find on a construction site) near the dry camping area. A mini-mart with gas pumps, class six, groceries, pizza is about one-half mile drive away. There is also a chapel, golf coarse, and larger pavilion at the Edgewood Area. Rating: I give this campground two stars with reservation. It would serve nicely as a base camp for visiting the many attractions in the area. It appears the campground may offer opportunity for water sports and family camping. However, it is located a distance from main support facilities, is initially difficult to locate, and may present some obstacles for registration and check-in.
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