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Maryland 97497
Aug 4 - 10, 2021
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Have sent an update re: accessing post from the new 24-hour gate. Large military presence, kind of out in the country, but comfortable for trips to Baltimore inner harbor as well as the US Naval Academy (a must-do!). They do not guarantee a satellite signal because of all the trees, (not having TV for a week doesn't harm us). Check-in was a lengthy process compared to other mil camps; they kill a lot of trees giving you regs you're never going to read. Other questionable management practice: the nice retired Marine guy next to us was moved to a different site 4 times in the space of less than a week. We had a pull-thru site with PLENTY of room, fully concrete & asphalt and level. Hook for a plant or lantern is a nice touch. Our only constructive criticism (besides making people move from site to site) was the laundry room in the center of the RV park. Dirty machines and absolutely filthy flooring! Yet right down the hall, the rest rooms were clean and well maintained. Odd, like the cleaning contract maybe doesn't cover the laundry? One cool feature though was access to a lounge with books, games, TV and comfy chairs to hang out while your wash is getting done. Sure beats a folding chair in the corner! They also had a "game room" and a couple was there using the computer. Overall, we'd stay again if in this area.
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