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1 MAY 2019
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Nice park on Ft Mede for Military/DOD personnel. Price is consistent with other Military FAMCAMPS in the DC Area. Current construction around the post makes for challenging entry. As of May 1 2019, Llewylen Avenue is closed to inbound traffic, so the best (only!) way in is on Reece Road (Main Gate) Make your best way to MD-295 and take Exit 16 to Annapolis Road (MD-175) [i.e. follow the signs to Ft. Meade) Continue down Annapolis through some very heavy construction (but doable in a 45' Motorhome towing a Jeep Cherokee) and get in the LEFT Turn Lane at Reece Road. Either of the lanes at the Main Gate can accommodate a Big Rig RV. Continue down Reece to Cooper AVE and turn LEFT. Go to Llewylen AVE and turn LEFT and continue to Wilson St and turn RIGHT. The Outdoor Rec will be on your left @ 1/4 mile down Wilson. Pull in (4 Big Rig RV Lanes are available) and register. RV Park is directly ahead from the RV Parking Lanes. I have been to Ft. Belvoir and IMHO the FAMCAMP there is better for a few dollars more (after all you are RIGHT on the Potomac at Belvoir!) That said, what with all the construction in the Metro DC area, if you are coming from the Northwest or Northeast, I would opt for Ft Meade rather than fighting the traffic through the DC area. You can travel to and from Baltimore or Washington, D.C. by using the MARC Train, a local commuter system available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to midnight. The nearest MARC stations to Fort Meade are the BWI Rail Station, the Odenton Station and Savage Station. For more information, visit Notes: 1. If you drive past the softball fields on the left and MEDAC Unit on the Right, you have missed the turn in to the RV Park on Wilson. 2. Llewylen Avenue will go through housing and look very *very* narrow but all is well and you can make it - trees are trimmed to 14' so clearance is OK.
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