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Maryland 97496
August 2018
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We had been here 4years ago. We actually came when they first opened. This time we stayed because of health reasons. I needed to go to Johns Hopkins for s condition they specialize in. We tried to get a site weeks in advance for my first appointment. They said they were full so we went to the Naval Academy that has primitive sites and would never be our first choice. We live in DE so it is much easier staying at a RV site because of our dog, and it is also a v ry long ride in one day. My next scheduled appointment ( for surgery) they did not have a space a month ahead of time. My 8 week check up we were able to get a site. Sadly when we got there we realize why it was hard to get a spot. They had so many homesteaders. They should hang a sign trailer park. They had this problem when we were there years ago, but was told they were changing the rules. I could not believe it when we saw a couple who were there when we were there 4 years ago, sadly we have seen this problem at many of the Fam camps which makes it hard to utilize this wonderful benifit. There was 2 homesteaders at Annapolis which meant they lived there without full facility’s. The one problem we had was a mean women who waited on my husband. Thankfully another women stepped in. I need to go back to the doctor in 8 weeks, hopefully we can make the 2.5 Miles one way, and get someone to check on our dog. A nice campground all in all, if you don’t mind a upscale price, kids everywhere’s, sheds, and messy site. One site had a boat.
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