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4.4 93
Louisiana 112264
Nov. 9th to Dec. 8th, 2015
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Our fourth time here and once again it is at the top of our go to military RV parks. Each day a bus comes in fully loaded to the processing center with new recruits and the looks on some of their faces is priceless, some appear glazed while others are all pumped up. This base is upgrading the mess hall next year and some chatter about allowing retirees to eat there. Kenny feels strongly the roads will be done next year so that is good news. Not sure why the park is not used more in the winter as the weather is great here and so much to do in the area. If you visit here be sure to explore the grocery stores called Rouses, Belestra and Digornac as they offer some of the best local foods you can find near Belle Chasse and Metarie. Will we back next winter, absolutely and if possible will stay again for Mardi Gras. Only negative about New Orleans is night time visits could put you in danger as crime is high!
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