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Louisiana 112264
1 November 2015
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This campground is outstanding and the staff are wonderful, but the base Security program leaves a lot to be desired.  We stayed here during the time my Great Niece was getting married in New Orleans, and due to this I had my Brother-in-Law and family stay with us as guest.  Big mistake, not sure if every base handles their guest the same as this base but what a HUGE pain in the rear this was.  We had to go to the Pass & ID office daily for a vehicle pass for their RV which took sometimes up to 3 hours waiting in line.  Then when my wife and I were getting ready to leave Security couldn't find my weapon that had been checked into the Armory.  Finally after a 2 hour delay they found the weapon. My big complaint about the security dept. is in relation to policy every person you talk with gives you a different policy.  And what is sad is after talking to a few other campers it was shown to us as to how easy it is to circumvent their security system in reference to bring guest on board the base, very poorly done all it does is make things hard on those who try and follow the rules, and easy for those who don't.
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