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Louisiana 94710
May 2014
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We had hoped to spend two nights here so we'd have a day of rest before getting on the road again. We are heading home to Nevada from visiting family in Pensacola. We are a bit disappointed in this FAMCAMP. Too many homesteaders with all their "stuff" piled up outside their rigs. When we called this morning to see if there was a possibility of an open site the phone rang 12 times each of the 3 times we called. About noon we got a call back. They must have a way to tell who called as there was no way to leave a message. We were told there were plenty of sites so we came on in. When we got here we saw why there were sites available - they were all the "backwards" ones. We were told to drive around and pick our site and then come back and pay and let them know which site we chose. Utilities are on the wrong side of the RV in half the sites. Yes, some have driven in forwards so it works for them, and then driven the tow vehicle across the grass. No problem hooking up water and power but our sewer hose wasn't long enough to cross under the 5th wheel to reach the sewer. So, we are only staying one night. There is a dump station, but it seems as if it would be an issue to use - you have to park in the middle of the road to use it and no one could get by you if they needed to get out while you were dumping. Love the greenbelt area between the sites and all the trees are nice, but weird parking and the feeling of not belonging. Won't come back.
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