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Louisiana 34340
16 July 12
(Updated: July 20, 2012)
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Had a bad experience with this place because I never found it. I tried calling the RV site number listed to make a reservation at 1550 and again at 1630 but got only answering machine both times. Left message twice but no response. Asked operator to connect to MP. MP guy said billeting folks left office at 1500 and that he would try and research RV site and call me back. He didn't. Called again and talked to new MP guy (shift change) and he said meet him at gate to Camp Beauregard. We did and he gave us verbal directions to RV site. It was 6 miles away down Highway 116. No mention was made of needing a key once we got there. We followed directions and ended up lost down a dirt road where we eventually saw a "danger firing range" sign and US Marshalls office sign. We called the MP back and he said we turned left when we should have turned right so we went back and took the right turn. After traveling a couple of miles down that dirt road we gave up. There was never any signs for an RV site or even any signs that we were entering a restricted area. Very strange. A map would have very helpful but even if we had found the place, we would not have been able to enter without a key which other reviewers have mentioned and it sounds like it is a "no frills" RV site. Wish I had read the reviews here first...we wouldn't have even bothered to try and stay here. Anyway, it was my worst experience with a military RV site. Users beware. (Couldn't submit this review unless all ratings were entered so did all 1's even tho we never found the place.)
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