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3-17 Oct 2006
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Before I begin I must say that major upgrades were in progress during our stay. We were told they were due to be completed by Christmas `06. I hope the management of the camp improves with the facilities. No full-time host is on site, but some one was in the small office duty daytime duty-hours most days.

The FAM camp is full of long-term campers that are homesteading. My neighbor was a PCS'ed NCO at Barksdale and lives full-time in the FAm CAmp. He said he'd be there for 2 FULL YEARS !! I heard that some of the residents were re-located retirees from southern LA fleeing from Hurricane Katrina, but I came to see first hand, that there were few (if any ) of those left. Every day there were 3-4 RV'ers in the overflow, waiting on someone to check-out. I never saw anyone leave for 2 wks except myself. I don't want to seem snooty but the camp has taken on a trailer park look & feel and NOT a FamCAmp for RV'ers or short-stay active duty families. Reservations are NOT taken. Now I know why. There are seldom any vacancies.

The bathhouse is a dump. One shower only, 2 toilets & 2 sinks; of which, only one worked. Dirty walls and floors & huge spiderwebs inside, like that Indiana Jones movie. The trashcans were full to overfilling that entire time we visited. Campground visitor walk their dogs in the grass near the bathhouse. You couldn't walk off the sidewalk anywhere near the bathhouse, without stepping in feces. It was EveryWhere. No signs were posted about pets and no one picked up after their dog. One guest even took his dog inside the Men's bathroom/shower.

I know that hook-ups on the wrong side of the back-in sites are old news to FAM CAmpers, so lets just say Barksdale has them too. The new sites are suppossed to correct this. Campground roads were dirt that turns to rich, red mud in the rain. We'll be there again in Feb `07, so I'll report back then. Shreveport is my childhood hometown, so I'd really love to see Barksdale clean up & effectively manage this beautiful site.
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