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Louisiana 94710
Jan. 21-Feb 20, 2010
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First review of 2010 I see. Barksdale Famcamp is still in great shape. Office area, computers, TV, restrooms, showers, are all clean and well cared for. The new FEMA trailers used for rentals are full, but do not seem to have overburdened the facilities. There are still several LONG time (years) residents and several civilian contractors taking up nice sites. (These bother me, but as long as there are openings when we come, I guess I shouldn't complain) We are in 1 of the "new" sites, closest to the road. The wi-fi signal is lower here, but usable. Just like someone else has noted, the electricity is low and fluxs at night (brown downs, etc.) Nothing damaged, but we don't have any real high tech, high power electrical gizmos. As noted in the "Discussion" section, BAFB is not using the scanners during the day. The new Bio-metric ID cards are only checked after 5:00 pm. Main gate construction is completed. The reworked Famcamp sites/roads are holding up well in the extensive rains BAFB has had this winter. The unpaved RV storage lot was underwater however. Very muddy, very hard to "extract" our TT. I'm on the waiting list at 3 other paved, military RV storage areas.
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