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December 2022
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When I write my reviews, I try to give the pros & cons of a place, & for the most part, I'm more positive than negative. As a Navy veteran, I had high hopes for this park. We've driven through Army base campgrounds, stayed at an AFB campground, & were impressed with their locations. I wanted the Navy to represent itself well here. Unfortunately, it did not. The one positive I can say is that the reservation process went well & the people I spoke to on the phone with reservations & in the office were very helpful. This park could be so much more. The pads are level & spaced out well. The first big issue for any RV'er is the potholes in the dirt/gravel road driving around the park. While arriving & departing, we needed to drive 1 mph to avoid losing any fillings. The next big issue is the lack of maintenance and upkeep on the park. I saw a maintenance person daily, but I'm not sure what they were doing. Trash cans and dog waste cans were never emptied. When we arrived, we were greeted with a big pile of dog poop at the entrance to our site. After being there a week, we could see it was because people let their dogs out off lead to go to the bathroom and never followed up to clean up their mess. Raccoons (or some other animal) are getting fed well from the trash cans that aren't being emptied. The laundry room was not being cleaned and was dusty and had trash on the floors multiple days. I picked up some, but it was an ongoing issue. There are several cars next to the laundry facility that seemed to be parked there long term. One was in really bad shape and I'm not even sure it runs. In the common area by the bathroom and laundry facilities, there is a deep sink that is covered in bird poop and the water doesn't work. Many residents parked on the grass resulting in deep ruts from mud in the nicer grassy areas. There isn't any kind of maintenance on the grassy areas. This apparently annoyed one family so bad, they fired up their gas-powered edger (!) to trim their own pad. There is an area next to the bathrooms that looks like a dumping ground for maintenance equipment. There are multiple trailers and construction debris spread around. In addition to the cleanliness issue, there's a pest problem. There were large ant beds throughout the park. None next to our site, fortunately. However, on our morning of departure, we found that fire ants were all up and down the water hose to the rig. In addition to the ants, there is a big problem with mosquitoes. There is a 'canal' (ditch) full of water running along the park and it's obviously a breeding ground. At dusk, it was impossible to sit outside without any kind of repellant. I would have given this 4 stars on value as we were quoted $24/night when we booked the reservation in June, but they've since raised their prices to $30. There's no way this park warrants that rate with these issues. It's convenient to see New Orleans, but almost not worth all the other issues.
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