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Louisiana 112264
Jan. 18 to Feb. 17, 2020
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This will be the last time we come here as there are 3 different RV parks and the one for military is disgusting and dog poop no one cleans up and the sites are nasty and full of all kinds of stuff. The RV park past the office is for long term trailers who I guess work here or around here. The first one is where we are and no one does any maintenance at all; not happy about this RV park and faucets leak and grounds are not taken care of and the roads around the RV parks are still messy and it was supposed to be blacktopped, not happening. Trailers back in and drive on the grass and tracks are everywhere. Loved it here many years ago and other military RV parks are now allowing long term stays and it can be difficult to get a reservation. Good Bye NASJRB.
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March 29, 2020
Sorry but PW had not gotten OK to do any work orders, they have wide pads but people have trouble backing into them. Now that things are finely moving along things are better but they cannot doing anything about people not being able to back up their rigs. This RVPark is very comforting and relaxing but now nothing is the same with this virus. Happy Camping to you.
May 31, 2020
We stayed here in March 2019. We must have missed something. This was a very nice campground. The staff was very helpful. The campground and sites were well-maintained. The road was a little dusty, but that was the ONLY thing we had any issues with.
2 results - showing 1 - 2