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Louisiana 102298
Dec 26-30, 2019
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First let me say we travel in a 42' motorhome and tow a 4 door Jeep. As mentioned there is an older park where they have long-long termers and the new park for us transients. The new part has gravel roads but concrete pads for both the rig and the tow. I am not sure why but there is a concrete pad where the picnic table is however you have to walk through the grass to get to it. Now this should not be a problem when the weather is dry but during a rainy session the grass will end up following you back inside your RV. Not a big deal but just so you know. The entrance off Miller RD is easy but they do not allow POVs to enter that gate. It is OK if you are hooked up and towing but not chasing. Or I should say they frown on allowing the chase to come through. From the "main" gate it is quite a ways back to the park, opposite side of the flight-line. Be aware that if you need to come through that gate there are large trees hanging over the road and some are quite low. We are 13' tall and I am glad we didn't need to enter from that direction. The park overall is nice enough, everything worked fine, but for us and what we need to do when in the Shreveport area I am not sure we'd stay here again. But really it is more of a convenience thing for us rather than the park not being good.
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