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Louisiana 102423
17-18 Dec 2018
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Same day reservation, plenty of room in the new 20 site section. Entry through the commercial gate was easy to navigate, make sure you "pre-stage" at the stop sign and wait for permission to advance from the sentry, (even though you have been creeping along at 3-5 mph for the last 100 yards with no one at the gate ahead of you). There are 2 lanes with inspection pits that you have to straddle, and not drive between, unlike any other base that we have encountered, although the sentries gave no direction to guide us. On the second day we left via the commercial gate to visit the Camping World, which is just 1/4 mile outside the gate, and upon re-entry we were denied because we were only driving our truck and not pulling an RV. The sentry held our ID's, directed us to turn around and met us at the exit lane to return our ID's as we had to go to another gate, which is on the other side of the base. As a 25 year veteran retiree I understand procedures, but this was the first experience like this after visiting many military installations nationwide via the commercial or traditional gates.
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