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Louisiana 94710
May 15 - 18, 2007
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Well we just got back from visiting friends. The Cg looks better than it did the last time in. The New Bath house was good there are a few quirks to be worked out still. The water at the new Camp sites is still sort of brown & you may want to buy water or get a filter if you don't have one. It wasn't full and that was nice for a change. The grass is pretty high and ticks are out if you have pets be sure to watch them for that. There are 2 camp hosts on site now all the time...but that's not saying much. We heard from friends down there that come every month for groceries that they are very rude. The lady camp host was rude and very annoying to them when they arrived and checked in. Then another man *a camper* noticed that the new shower in the men's bathroom was leaking and mentioned it to the male host there in the Bath house. He wasn't rude he just said you may want to look at the shower head in the here it is leaking water at a good rate. Needless to say the Male camp host decided to use allot of profanity yelling back at the man that asked him to look at the shower head. The host after that started spreading rumors about this camper and tried to get him kicked out of the CG. In our opinion either they need new camp hosts or pay someone who would actually care what the Cg looked like and took care of it better. There are more complaints but I will let others tell their side of it down there.
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