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4-9 June 2024
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I called to make reservations about 6 weeks in advance. Still not long enough. I was able to get (FamCamp 1) Site 3 for one night, then had to move to Site 1 for the remainder of our stay. When I arrived, Site #1 and Site #3 were both vacant. I set up on #3 and about 30 minutes after I finished, Site 1 folks were setting up. I knew they were only staying one night, since I was scheduled to move there the next day. Apparently, you are issued a site number when you make your reservations and that's that. IMHO, it would be more effcient and flexible to take the reservation, then issue a site number the day before or closer to check-in. My first site, #3 was only occupied for one night after I moved. Just my 2 cents. On with the important stuff. As mentioned in other reviews, FamCamp 1 is the better location. Larger sites with FHUs. There is construction going on....10 new sites underway! Anticipated completion by the end of the summer, but I'm not holding my breath. If you didn't know, FamCamp 1 sits on the former golf course, so there's plenty of space. There are walking/biking trails, laundry/shower facility, fishing (C&R) in addition to the tornado shelters and plenty of space to take the pups out. I did notice on the overall description of facilities that it listed diesel. I couldn't find it. The base station only has gasoline. One big plus that I appreciate is the availability of a scale to weigh your rig. Make sure you tell them that is is NOT for an official move and it's for personal knowledge/safety. It may save you the $10 fee. Also, the Washington Ave gate has limited hours, so make sure your GPS directs to the main gate. You can EXIT the Wash. gate after 1500, but you can't the best of my knowledge, weekdays only (except drill weekends). Check the gate hours when you make your reservations if it's an issue. Overall, a nice enjoyable stay. Notice in the photo a wind turbine. It's near the shower/;aundry and it actual spins! I'm hoping it is producing electricity still. I didn't notice ANY noise coming from it like standard windmills produce. Also, rate for FamCamp 1 is $28/night.
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