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May 2018
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Our check in process was a circle jerk. I don't want to take away from the rating of the park, but I have to mention our check in process. We went to the park before we went to Air Capital Inn because we missed it (Air Capital Inn) while driving in. I called them once we reached the park because there is no host or office. Rather than tell us where to park and go to Air Capital after we set up they told us we had to pull the rig back through the base to check in. And, I would mention, the parking lot at the Air Capital Inn is NOT big enough for a big rig. Then they wanted the vaccination records for our indoor cat. Those records were under the bed and I needed to get the slide out to get the records. He actually hesitated to allow us to go set up and bring the records back to him. As it was, he gave me 30 minutes to get back to him. As for the is very nice and small. There are 10 spaces and all pull throughs set at a good angle and utilities were convenient. They have 2 tornado shelters on either end of the park, a pretty little pond for catch and release, 2 pavilions for gatherings, and a very large park-like setting on the other side of the park with a walking/running track. There is plenty of room between each site. There is no wifi, but Verizon had a good signal for hotspot. It is also open for good satellite dish reception. My only complaint about the park is that by the time we left after 7 days, the grass was close to knee high. That surprised me - especially for an AFB. I really have no complaints about the park - just the check in fiasco.
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