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18 SEP 2014
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Nice relaxing campsite on the water. Beaches are nice to walk on. We were told that they are going to upgrade the RV campsites very soon. They currently have only electric at the sites. The staff at the lodging facility were very friendly, however, they were not aware of the best gates to utilize to gain access on base. Additionally, as stated in an earlier post, the gate guards seemed to make up there own rules. Example: They told me that my retired ID card, with my social security number on it, needed to be changed out to a new ID card without the SS#. No problem, right? Well, the following day, at the same gate, the guard said, "Your ID card is suspended. I should not let you on bases. You need a new card." He then said, "I should confiscate this card, but, get it replaced by tomorrow." Of course when I went to get it replaced, the ID card personnel stated that this was not true. They stated that the guards are just trying to get people to get new cards. Other than that experience, the campground and base facilities were very nice. Good gyms, close BX, however, the large BX and commissary are off base.
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