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June 17-22, 2013
(Updated: June 21, 2013)
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I'll have more later, but the biggest update is to know that Gate 5 has been closed and will remain closed. Now, you must enter through the main gate. But, prior to that you must register at Pass and ID just north of the main gate. This can be a bit tricky for big rigs, but can be done. Once you have registered your vehicle(s), use the round-about to get in line for the main gate. The easiest way to get to the campground is drive to the marina, than go north on the road to the campground. (Ask for a map when you register). Find a spot to park your rig, then go to the billeting office to secure your site. All of this is very cumbersome and can make checking in a frustrating experience. Do not let anyone tell you to enter through Gate 5. If you try, you will end up near a low railroad bridge and probably will have to unhook your dingy to turn around. To get more information on this, try calling the billeting office. However, I found all the personnel on the staff to be completely unaware of the status of Gate 5 and generally unaware of the difficulty in setting up an RV for an extended stay. Good luck!!!
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