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August 19-21, 2012
(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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For Chicago it's a good location, about an hour drive to downtown. The biggest problem was getting onto the base. Went to the main gate which is required and easy to find but the civilian guards had no idea there was an RV facility there. They told me I had to go to MWR but since it was 1500hrs on Sunday they said it was closed and that I would need to return tomorrow. They wanted me to back up into the traffic circle and go away. With a 43 foot class A motor home pulling a toad I said no. I offered to pull forward where I would be out of the way and we would work it out. No go. By that time my wife had the lodging people on the phone but the guard refused to talk to them. By this time other police had arrived and they had to open the other side of the gate to allow base traffic in. Finally a police officer arrived in a patrol car and I was told to follow him. I did but since I had not talked to him I had no idea where he was taking me. I finally stopped the coach and got out and then I was able to talk to the officer. He said he was taking me to the RV park and I could unhook the car and find the office. There is room to do that and there was no problem. There is only one 50 amp lot and that seems to be permanently occupied. Only about 50% of the spots were being used and the office let us pick which one we wanted. No problem with those people although they don't seem to have much knowledge about RVs or there needs. Water is located down the road by most of the dry boat slips and lots of room to turn around.
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