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3.6 80
Illinois 91090
23-25 MAY 2009
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Although this CG was in a good location and was easy to get to, it leaves a lot to be desired. First of all the gate guard was a real JERK, who couldn't make up his mind if he wanted me to come through the left or right lane or any lane as far as that goes. Thank God there was a very nice Airman there who knew what she was doing. We were in Site # 2 which is in the old section, the site was real unlevel, the grill was unusable, the water is very difficult to use due to the diverters they have here. The water runs in a big puddle making it stale and nothing but bugs breed there. The vending machine was empty and it appears that it had been that way for some while due to all the bird droppings all over it, along with a birds nest. The grass seems to have been moved recently but was badly in need of mowing again. There is no one to call on the weekend or Holiday if you have any questions or problems. Tried to call to see if we could move to the new section, but just an answering machine. We were going to stay till the 26th but had enough and left early the morning of the 25th. This is a NOT TO STAY AGAIN CG unless they fix up the older section to match the new section which was not full and could have put a few of us campers in it.
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