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Illinois 91090
October 3, 2007
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This RV Parks should be closed due to unsafe and dangerous conditions that will cause injury and damage to the RV campers. The turns within the park, the obstructions along the road, the width of the roads, the length of RV sites make this RV park unsatisfactory and unsafe. The Park was designed for entirely smaller RV trailers. Any RV over 20 feet within this park would not be able to safely navigate the narrow, sharp turns and safely park within the alloted sites. I recommend this site only for RV trailers under 20 feet. It is necessary to enter wide into the grass areas to make many of the turns to the sites, dump stations and to exit. A driver or pedestrian is going to get hurt or damage property while using the area. I will be sending an email and/or letter to the Base commander alerting them to the unsafe conditions. The RV Park needs to be completely renovated increasing the size of roads, less tight turns, longer RV sites and other improvements to make this a safe and suitable place. If this were inspected by an ORI/ MEI inspector, they would rate it unsatisfactory and not fit for use. I could not rate this site any lower than "1" above, but would rate it a "0" if possible, due to unsafe conditions to all concerned. I deeply hope the management and staff review this information and take corrective action.
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