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Illinois 98889
19 - 25 May 2021
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Stayed in two different sites in the trees over by the bath house--lucky for us they had a site available so we could extend our stay due to slide problems in our coach. Unfortunately we couldn't pick up a satellite signal from either spot, so no TV for a about a week (yes, we survived!). Did use the laundry room and it was clean even though one machine leaked out the front door which I reported to the office in case they didn't know. Men's restroom wholly acceptable as well. However, twice I reported to the staff at Billeting (by phone first, then later in person) the behavior we observed by a 30-day stay, "frequent flyer" old male retiree. We saw him let his off-leash dog poop nearby while he was busy dumping his black tank. Previously we had seen him fling said dog's poop into the woods near his rig as well as get this one: pluck a handfull of grass and actually attempt to cover the pile his dog made not far from our rig. I was told, "we really can't do anthing about this because we have to see him ourselves." REALLY? This is a Military Campground...rules can and should be enforced. Those who repeatedly ignore pet rules should be not be allowed to stay or come back.
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