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28 Jul 2020
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I have to qualify our visit today. We were not camping. My husband and I were visiting Naval Station Great Lakes to get new ID cards. However, as we always do, whenever we are on the naval station, we take a swing down to the shore of Lake Michigan to take in that beautiful vista after we are done with our business. We had already noted that the old base was not looking as top notch as usual and attributed it to the problems of the world namely Covid-19. The lake shore looked even worse. All the beaches were roped off with swimming prohibited. The beach is one of the best parts of the base and the campground. Large signs prohibiting group gatherings were up as well. A visitor can still pull up and have a small picnic and have some fresh air however. The lawns are not being well kept at this time. As for the campground, the weeds are overgrown. As mentioned in the description of what is available, there are only pit toilets - no water or sewer. There is no mention of showers nearby so your rig had better have a good shower in it. I would only use this campground if I was passing through and then for only one night. For the amenities, the price is not that great. And I really cannot understand why it would be open all year when it is located smack in the midwest winter unless the bluff that towers over it shelters it a lot. I gave "location" a 5 Star because of the beauty of Lake Michigan.
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