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Idaho 71715
May 11 - Jun 6 2017
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The sites are the same concrete pads with some scratch-your-head touches that make you wonder if they consulted an RVer before they went to work. For one there is a large bollard protecting the electrical box which also blocks slides and baggage doors. They also planted a nice tree directly behind the pad. Without it I could put the back wheels on the end of the pad and have enough room in front to park our towed. As it is we have to park on the lava rocks between sites, and we were unable to get the sewer drain in between the two MH valves. I have my rear valve about 3' away with my 15' hose making a few curves. In 3 weeks we weren't able to get a straight answer on package delivery. The billeting office said no package delivery at all. We used General Delivery at the central post office, but without the words "PO box" in the address, Amazon didn't detect it as a Po Box and shipped via UPS. The UPS driver said they go to the base every day and absolutely can deliver to the RV park. In the end we forced Amazon's system to use "Po Box General Delivery" and the rest of our orders shipped via USPS. Overall a good stay, and we'd happily stay here again if in the area.
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