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Idaho 64998
September 2013
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Okay, this FamCamp is off the beaten path. but its still only about 10-11 miles from I-84, so what's the big deal. The place was fairly clean and Don greeted us, even though it was about 11 PM when we got in. We are TENTERS, and Don requested we set up off to the side a bit, as he was trying to get the grass back in shape (and, he's doing a great job!) The place does have a desolate feel to it, but so does the rest of the surrounding area. At least this place is closer to being what I'd call a CAMPGROUND, than say, Hill AFB. You're not next to a highway, you're not on top of each other, and you still have amenities close by, but not right next door to you (so that you don't hear the constant parade of cars getting gas at all hours of the day and night. So what if you don't have a major city just down the road; at least you don't have to fight the traffic that goes along with that paradigm, either. Listen, Mountain Home is clean, quiet at night and a good value compared to other places and other FamCamps. A good night's sleep means more than having the mini-mart just two streets away.
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