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3.9 47
Idaho 64998
Oct 2019
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The 1 star rating for cleanliness/hospitality is for the cleanliness. Camp host, Chuck, was very nice and extremely helpful. The camp, just like many parts of the base, is quite neglected. Weeds grow every where, the spaces between RV pads is strictly dirt with no rock or weed barrier, so the dry, prickly weeds grow every where. The leaves from the many trees are never raked up, so what ever was left on the ground, before the leaves fall, is still there. Which brings me to my biggest poop! It's every where... under the leaves, in between sites, on the edge of the roads...every where! Dogs run freely here, and people don't ever seem to pick up after them. This means that the flies here are INSANE! The camp host had told us that they would be weeding and putting in grass before next summer - if that's true, it could be a major improvement for this park. All that being said... it's cheap, they have nice, level pads to park on (big rigs should park in the back two rows), they have a decent laundry room, and the base has a BX, commissary, movie theater, library, and other amenities.
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